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Austin, Tx

Excellent. I had looked, but didn\\\'t find that in my db.

Important hint for anyone else who may read this and try changing their values: the \\\"s:9\\\" portion of that, just before the values which are in the dropdown, is a character count of the values (\\\"3,7,14,21\\\"). So if you need to change to some list of values which is NOT 9 characters long, you\\\'ll need to change the \\\"s\\\" value too.

For example, if you\\\'re changing to \\\"30,60,90,180,365\\\" the character count is 16 so your resulting entry would look like


If you don\\\'t change the \\\"s\\\" value, things are definitely going to blow up on you! (This is what\\\'s referred to as serialization of data)

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